My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. Greater love has no-one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. John 15

On a prayer retreat day earlier this year we were encouraged by the above scripture  whilst praying for the people we are endeavouring to reach. I was struck by the emphasis we need to place on our calling to share the message of phenomenal love of God. I felt inspired to simply call our community work 'Love Hawick' as a constant reminder of our call and it's not just something we do ...we are sent to share love of God. So whenever you see this logo from now on it refers to our community outreach.....


Youth and Kids 

I am so encouraged right now! YG is developing on strong foundations already laid. The teams are doing an amazing job!  Children who used to attend Pizza club (now in YG) are becoming more responsive to hearing the teaching from the Bible, and have a good sense of belonging and we are now seeing new children and youth coming along.

We are seeing some great responses at YG - for example we have been encouraging young people to be real about their challenges and difficulties and praying for them. One young person expressed relationship problems with his dad - the leaders prayed for restoration. The next week he returned so excited because the relationship was improving greatly! It might seem small but young people are discovering that God is real, is active and loves them......

We have been so grateful to Vicky Mason who served so faithfully as our youth worker, and had a big impact on our  young people.  We trust that she will enjoy her new career teaching in High School.

We are delighted to have Jacqui Souden as our new youth worker, who brings a real sense of excitement about the future development of our youth work.

By he time you read this we will have had our youth camp at Langburnshiels - which promises to be a fantastic time. My prayer is that God uses this to draw these amazing young people closer to Him.

We have been involved in more High School work and I sense we and other chaplains involvement becoming a greater part of school life.




The drop in has become a major feature as part of our community work every Thursday. I am just so blessed how God continues to use this. We have developed strong relationships with a core group of people who are daily discovering other aspects to church community and support and discipleship from others in the congregation. We continue to see new people who are referred from other agencies. If you would like to pop in and have a coffee and see what it's like - we would love that! Also if you would like to help by making a simple meal once in a while for the drop in or could come and help serve lunch etc then please please let me know.


Thanks again for all your continued support and encouragement for our community outreach, Mike



*Drop In Team: Paul, Sylvia, Jim, Diana, Jack, Julie, George


*YG Team: Jenni, Andrew, Juline, Jacqui, Gary, Cieran


*All attending Drop In - KNOW God's love.....

*All our children and young people


*Cafe Church - a new venture monthly on Thursday evenings