What we believe

 The following praragraphs come from The Baptist Union of Scotland Web Site. As a Church we are commited to the Union of Churches and to Networking with them.


Baptists believe in the truths expressed in the historic creeds of the Church. They lay a particular emphasis on the importance of personal faith in Jesus Christ, as Saviour and Lord, and on the Bible as God's Word, guiding the conduct of individuals and the life of the church.

One of the distinctive features of Baptist church life is their practice of Christian Baptism. They follow the New Testament pattern of baptising those who have come to personal faith in Jesus Christ. Believer's Baptism is normally by total immersion in water.

Baptists also lay stress on the responsibility of each local church to govern its own life and affairs but in relationship with other Baptists.

Historically, Baptists have believed that everyone should be free to worship according to their beliefs. They have stood for the separation of Church and State yet it is largely true to say that they have been in the forefront of those demonstrating that a lack of formal links between Church and State does not hamper a Christian contribution to society, but rather enhances it.

Our Vision
"To serve the community and make Jesus known"