Last Easter

As we come to look at Easter through our exodus series this year, you can listen to the last years Good Friday service by clicking here and the Easter Sunday service here  to help you think more on what Jesus has acomplished.

Current Series - Exodus

We are currently getting to know God as a mighty rescuer through the book of Exodus where God says we can learn who He is, through what He did for His people in this famous story. You can go back to the start of the series and catch all the sermons in it by clicking here – Exodus 1+2

Recent Series - 1 Peter

We are a few sermons into the book of 1 Peter, and boy does its teaching seem timely now. Peter writes to a group of scattered Christians, feeling isolated, facing a mixed bag of trials and griefs and yet Peter would teach them about their security as the loved people of God. There’s lots even in these first sermons about how we view suffering, how we keep our hope on the future, how fleeting life is but how solid God’s word is, and lots too on loving each other as a church family. All talks so far are available here ->